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Meet us Monday: Brad Reed

HuthPhoto Wake KAH 5286 783x1024 Meet us Monday: Brad Reed

Name and Title: Brad Reed, Apex ReStore Manager

Home town: Columbus, NJ

Current town: Cary, NC

When did you start working at Habitat Wake? June 2015, and took a break last spring before returning this month, August 2017.

What is your favorite thing about working for Habitat? Building our community.

What does your typical work day look like? Engaging with the community to help Habitat’s mission to build affordable homes.

What do you do in your spare time? Spend time with family, fly fishing.

Do you have any pets or children? Wife: Jenn. Kids: 17 month-old daughter (and another one on the way!). Dogs: Marlie, a chocolate lab, and Ralph, a pug.

Favorite meal: Anything grilled

Favorite sport (to play or to watch, or both): Fly Fishing

Dream vacation: Fishing the flats of Christmas Island

Favorite movie line: “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!”- Dr. Strangelove

Discount Policy Refresher

With our new color-coded discount system, items are marked down on the 1st and 15th of every month, which means those are are the best days to come and scope out all the recently-discounted product! So today, September 1st, almost all of the store goes on sale, as new arrivals start to be marked in orange. This means that more items are marked down more often, which means more savings for our customers. Come visit a ReStore today and see what’s on sale!

Color Pricing Orange 500x500 300x300 Discount Policy Refresher

Our best back-to-school pieces

It’s that time of year again! College students are settling in and prepping for a great year ahead. Still working on getting your dorm or apartment set up? Habitat Wake ReStores are an inexpensive and environmentally-friendly way to furnish your space without breaking the bank (especially if you’re moving again in a 9 months).

Or maybe you’re a parent who just send a child back to Wake County Public Schools or you homeschool and are always looking to upgrade your space. Check out some of our great back-to-school pieces for any age!

1.  Scarface Poster $10
BTS Fuquay 21 225x300 Our best back to school pieces Empty walls are the worst — perk them up with this Al Pacino poster! Sure to help motivate you when you can’t convince yourself to study. Extra points for its cool vintage factor. Available at the Fuquay-Varina store.


2. Car-top storage $75

BTS Wake Forest 2 300x300 Our best back to school pieces

Perfect for moving to or moving from college. A little extra space always helps! Available at the Wake Forest store.

3. Coffee maker $10 

coffee maker 10 dollars 300x225 Our best back to school pieces

Perfect for back-to-school parents as well as new (and old!) college students. Available at the Raleigh ReStore.

 4. Teapot, $8 

IMG 9461 225x300 Our best back to school pieces

Not a coffee drinker? This cheery little teapot is sure to brighten your study hours. Available at the Glenwood store.

5. Desk $20

office table 20 dollars 300x225 Our best back to school pieces

Need a quick workspace that doesn’t require a trip to the library or a huge solid desk to lug up apartment stairs? This sleek, lightweight one will do the trick. And you can hand it down to the next occupant when you’re done! Available at the Raleigh ReStore.

6. Art Deco Dresser $75

BTS Wake Forest 1 300x300 Our best back to school pieces

Looking to feel a little more grown up and stylish? Add a little more vintage modern to your apartment without breaking the bank: this step-up dresser with a huge round mirror gives you extra storage as well as a WOW factor that simpler dressers can’t muster. Available at the Wake Forest store.

7. Chairs $5, Cubbies $25-55


BTS Apex 1 300x300 Our best back to school pieces

Get your smaller scholars off on the right foot! This school furniture would be perfect for a preschool, homeschooling classroom, or even just a home playroom.  Available at the Apex ReStore.


8. Simple wood dressers $65 each

Dresser 65 dollars 300x225 Our best back to school pieces

Minimalist by nature? These solid, simple dressers will get the job done, and look nice while doing it. Not just a college piece — these are sturdy enough to stick with you in your post-grad life as well. These are available at the Raleigh ReStore.

9. Papasan Folding Chair, $15

BTS Apex 21 300x300 Our best back to school pieces

Pop it out when friends come over or when you have 100 pages of reading to finish before tomorrow, fold it up when you’re done to make extra space! The folding papasan is a dorm room staple, a rite of passage for every freshman. Get yours for less! Available at the Apex ReStore.

10. Scooter, $10 

IMG 9459 225x300 Our best back to school pieces

For children of all ages! Get to your college seminars faster, or blow off some steam after a day in third grade. Available at the Glenwood ReStore.

11. School desks, $15 each 

BTS Fuquay 1 225x300 Our best back to school pieces

Perfect for a home school classroom or a playroom, if your children aren’t quite school-age. A great deal! Available in Fuquay-Varina.

12. Office chair, $20

office chair 300x225 Our best back to school pieces

After long hours at your desk, hard-backed chair can start to wear you down. Upgrade with this high-backed office chair, designed to keep you comfortable while you work. Available in Raleigh.

13. Coors sign, $75

IMG 94631 225x300 Our best back to school pieces

For the senior class only! What college experience is complete without at least one light-up neon sign?

14. Upholstered stool, $10

20170828 153411 300x225 Our best back to school pieces

Put those feet up while you study! This cute little stool is small-space friendly and pretty to boot! Available at the Cary store.

15. Desk lamps, $5

20170828 153406 300x225 Our best back to school pieces

Light up that workspace! And do it for cheap. These are available at the Cary ReStore.

16. Mini Fridge, $75

IMG 9205 300x225 Our best back to school pieces

A college staple! These mini fridges are super high tech in comparison to a regular fridge — they regular temperature to the exact degree and are very sturdy. Available at all six ReStores in Wake County.

Wake Forest store is expanding

We’re excited to announce that our Wake Forest store will take over the neighboring space formerly occupied by Weight Watchers, giving that store an extra 2,000 sq. feet of sales floor. We are still waiting on permitting in order to finish out the space, but it will be a great addition to the store and will certainly help us bring even more great product to Wake Forest customers. Stop on by and feel free to ask a ReStore employee about the space!


IMG 94571 768x1024 Wake Forest store is expanding

Wake Forest Manager Ken and Assistant Manager Carson are very excited to expand!

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