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Pricing Policy

Are you familiar with the pricing policy at Habitat Wake ReStores? It’s possible to get an even better deal by checking the date on the price tag! The price decreases over time, so you can figure out what the discount is by the date on the tag:

Pricing Policy 5 x 7 Pricing Policy

Of course, you may want to act fast if you think something might disappear before the next month is up!


Round up for Fayetteville flooding victims

This month at Habitat Wake ReStores, please considering rounding up your purchase to the nearest dollar or five dollars. We will be sending this money directly to Habitat for Humanity of Fayetteville, where 93 of their Habitat homes have been flooded.

A little goes a long way in supporting our neighbors to the East! We appreciate your support.

New Store Opening Soon!






Update: We have opened the store! Find out our hours, location, and more on the store location page.

IMG 20161003 134408429 HDR 1024x576 New Store Opening Soon!

This fall, Habitat Wake will open it’s sixth ReStore on Glenwood Ave! Here are some ways you can keep in touch as we get closer to the grand opening, so you can be the first to know when our doors are open:

facebook icon 32x32 New Store Opening Soon! Bookmark%20Icons%20Twitter New Store Opening Soon! instagram 32x32 dcb6c70057d943a9e6fe9a24d3ea0d6e New Store Opening Soon! pinterest New Store Opening Soon!


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