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…walk into a bar.  No, seriously.  Last Friday, we hosted the Triangle Business Journal’s (TBJ) annual 40 Under 40 leadership award winners.  I had the opportunity to work on our Apex build site with these young leaders from throughout the Triangle region.  My afternoon crew consisted of the aforementioned pair of lawyers, a marketing professional, and a pharmacist.

At Habitat, this is how we build.  It’s not accidental.  Our mission statement says that we seek to put God’s love into action by bringing people together.  We’ve learned over the years that it’s not just about construction projects, but more so about the relationships that are built in the process.

What can two lawyers, a pharmacist and a marketing guy get done in a few short hours?  Well, they completed the exterior house wrap on one home and then jumped over and helped put on the top plates on the house next door to ready it for roof truss installation.  If you ask them, I’m sure they would tell you they were pleased with what they accomplished, but I’m sure they’d add that they had an opportunity to get to know each other while they worked—something that TBJ seeks to do among the 40 Under 40 cohort.

Yesterday at lunch we celebrated with these 40 Under 40 winners and thanks to a clever idea from TBJ publisher, Bryan Hamilton, we raised over $10,000  to keep building for more families in need.  For each word beyond three that an award winner uttered in their acceptance speech—they agreed to donate $25 for Habitat!

Kevin’s Blog – 1 week, 4 homes!

1 week, 4 homes!

Professional builders would rather build than talk, so in that spirit, I’ll keep this short.  Thanks to Savvy Homes, Regency Centers, A.R. Nix Construction, Williams Realty & Building, and the Triangle Builders Guild for showing up with their subcontractors and suppliers last week on our sites in Augusta Crossings in Raleigh and leaving the week with four completed and beautiful homes.  Several other companies also  participated by supporting all 4 homes:  Stock Building Supply, PlyGem, and Baker Roofing.

These builders are talented, they are generous, and they are a lot of fun to be around.  70 Habitat Wake homes have now been built through the Builders Blitz model, pioneered at Habitat Wake in 2002.  Thanks so much to those who have been and continue to be involved!

Here are some photos of the homes built entirely last week!  I know that the Blue, Utley, Jordan, and Lesane/Quiller families are still in awe of the generosity flowing on their behalf.  They are very excited to purchase and move in to these homes!

Kevin’s Blog

At a recent house dedication in Augusta Crossings, Pastor J. Vincent Terry of SE Raleigh’s Mount Peace Baptist Church shared with us a quote that really spoke volumes to me:

“We all drink from wells that we did not dig and we eat fruit from vines we did not plant.”

At that dedication we had two families who generously shared their abundance with us and were the sponsors of the homes being dedicated.  And we had two very blessed families that were excited to become owners of a home for the very first time.  Pastor Terry’s words are unifying, aren’t they?  No matter our financial resources, we are all blessed by and rely on the work of others for our daily sustenance.  This is very obvious in Habitat, but it’s all around us everyday.


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