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Meet us Monday: Janet Pinkham

Janet with Dodge Meet us Monday: Janet Pinkham

Name and Title: Janet Dawn Pinkham, Donations Scheduler

Home town: Alexandria, Virginia

Current town: Raleigh, North Carolina

When did you start working at Habitat Wake? March 2016

What is your favorite thing about working for Habitat? God has really blessed me immeasurably by leading me to Habitat. I enjoy the kaleidoscope of fellow staff/volunteers, customers, donors, daily welcomed challenges and inspirations. I feel at home! I am eager to explore further means of contributing to our mission and grateful for the personal enrichment I receive every day. (I must add that I I’ve been profoundly blessed by my patient and encouraging management team during what has been a very trying past year in my own life).

What does your typical work day look like? “On the phone again…just can’t wait to get on the phone again…” Thank you, Mr. Denver. The Procurement department is deluged with phone calls from folks who want to donate to our ReStores…so that’s good! I stay very busy with scheduling, confirming, tracking, consoling, counting to 10, laughing, and disseminating knowledge, quips, and puzzled glances.

What do you do in your spare time? I spent the last 15 years or so in and out of “rock and roll” bands in both San Francisco and DC. Love live music. I grew up in the theatre arts realm and did quite a bit of acting and occasionally still do. I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, hiking, boating, gardening (don’t have the sunlight for it at current residence unfortunately but had some large plots in the past). I’m a bookworm and also do a lot creative writing, cooking (I sit and read recipe books like a novel sometimes) and I love to travel! (Been all over the US in an old black Dodge pickup and to the Middle East but…Honduras next?)

Do you have any pets or children? My brother and I combined households in 2013 and consequently have 4 dogs: Penny, Jasper, Winston, and Ginger…and Charlie, the cat…and a big tank of fish and the occasional stream of ants who march indignantly into our kitchen.

on the beach Meet us Monday: Janet Pinkham

What are three items on your bucket list? To be published. To propagate. To perpetuate 2 Timothy 4:1-8

Do you have any strange hidden talents? It’s not really a talent per se, but apparently I hold my arm straight up in the air while I’m sleeping. It is, undeniably, quite odd.

Favorite place to take out-of-town guests in the Triangle: The flea market at the State Fairgrounds, the Museum of Art, other downtown museums and any of the numerous parks. My relatives love to get outside! Perhaps a day trip to Smithfield for the Ava Gardner museum and a $4 movie at the tiny, old 1935 Howell theatre there.

Gran Torino Meet us Monday: Janet Pinkham

Habitat Wake is Hiring AmeriCorps!

Habitat Wake is currently seeking AmeriCorps members to join our team! There are currently 12 open positions in the following areas: Construction, Family Services, Neighborhood Engagement, and ReStore (retail operations). Applicants must apply individually based on their preference of service and position. Participants are required to be a citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident alien of the United States, be 18 years or older, and consent to a three-step criminal history process.
Since 1985, more than 1,100 hardworking families have partnered with Habitat Wake to build and purchase safe, affordable homes, or complete much needed exterior repairs to older homes. We currently have 12 AmeriCorps alumni on staff. We recognize the value and impact of serving, and are looking for new AmeriCorps members to help us meet the growing need for affordable housing in Wake County.
Listed below are the current positions we are recruiting for:·         Construction Dept. / Construction Crew Leader (9 National Member positions)
·         Family Services Dept. / Family Services Coordination – (1 National Member position)
·         Neighborhood Engagement Dept. / Family Services Development – (1 VISTA position)
·         ReStore Dept. / Retore Development (1 VISTA position)

Benefits include:
• Living allowance up to $12,630 for a full 46.5 weeks of service
• $5,815 Segal Education Award (Valid for seven years upon completion of service. Must be used to repay
qualified student loans or for future education at eligible schools.)
• Possible forbearance of qualified student loans. (Accrued interest on qualified loans is eligible for payment by
the National Service Trust.)
• Eligibility for enrollment in Affordable Care Act compliant health plan
• Personal and sick days – Approximately 10 days total
• Worker’s compensation
• Childcare benefits (Eligibility may vary. For details, visit www.americorpschildcare.com)
• Member Assistance Program offering supportive services, including counseling and financial planning
• Membership to Habitat AmeriCorps Alumni Association upon completion of service
• Housing allowance, paid directly to landlord ($250/month for first-year members,
$400/month for second-year members)
• Eligibility for paid Global Village service trip to Honduras, Malawi or Cambodia
• Habitat Wake t-shirts/sweatshirts/hardhat, to be worn daily on site

To learn more about each position and to apply, please visit – http://www.habitatwake.org/about-us/jobs/

To learn more about the AmeriCorps and VISTA Programs, please visit: https://www.habitat.org/volunteer/long-term-opportunities/americorps/about


Pharmaceutical-grade Fridges Now Available!

Habitat Wake ReStores recently received a very generous donation of fridges and coolers from a national pharmaceutical company. These fridges are pretty neat! They have exact temperature control and are meant for storing medication, although we think they’d also be really fun as a kegerator or car cooler. Check out more below!

Panasonic High Performance Undercounter Refrigerator

IMG 20170519 112419 225x300 Pharmaceutical grade Fridges Now Available!

Not your average mini-fridge! Donated from a pharmaceutical company, these feature exact temperature control between 1°C and 14°C for clinical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and industrial laboratories. Great for labs or homes where medicine is kept. Also a fun, high-tech dorm or garage fridge (especially if you like your beer at exactly 8°C).

Envirocooler Active Solutions 
Envirocooler™ ActiVault™

IMG 20170519 112329 225x300 Pharmaceutical grade Fridges Now Available!

This car cooler can maintain an interior temperature of 0 degrees for true in-vehicle refrigeration and freezing (it also heats, making it a great year-round solution!). The innovative technology runs on only 40 watts of power, less than the average household light bulb. It has a 25L capacity and weighs only 33 lbs. It has a locking lid and releases no CFCs, harmful refrigerants, or pollutants. Sounds perfect for a long beach drive or cross-country road trip! (Here’s a demo video).